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Warren's ULTIMATE Scrabble Cheat Sheet!v1.4

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Welcome to Warren's Ultimate Scrabble Cheat Sheet!

This website came about beause of how much my wife and I love scrabble. 

My own version of Scrabble Heart, I mean this website

I started to develop a link driven scrabble website, very similar to all the other scrabble lover websites out there, and quickly ran into a big problem. Scrabble has alot of words in the official dictionary! I should know, I own the 4th edition of the Official Scrabble dictionary. That also meant the same words would be in multiple lists. For example, All the words that start with an "A", would also be in the same list that have an "A" in it. And some of those words might end in an "A". Well you get the picture.

The next generation of scrabble Heart!

Since I was up a bag of letters without a board, I did some letter digging within my circle of friends at the local Kingdom Hall. And I found a young man who had been referred to me that just might have the skills I needed to make my website come alove! I mean alive!

And now that the letters are out of the bag, I am sharing this wonderful scrabble heart website with you, my fellow logofiles.

Please feel free to perouse, use and enjoy this website as much as I do.